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ArcGIS Server Memory Calculator (Basic)

This calculator estimates the number of services you can run on a server based on best practise.

Enter the number of server cores and whether the server is virtualised.

Results are displayed in the green fields.

Number of CoresCoresHow many CPU cores has the machine been allocated?
Virtualised?Is the host running on a virtual server platform?
Recommended MemoryGBBest practise is 3GB memory per core or 4GB memory per core if virtualised
Maximum Number of ServicesServicesBest practise Is Max 5 services per core (at default instances i.e. Min 1/Max 2)


  • Minimum of 3 GB memory per core recommended.
  • Additional 1 GB memory per host platform core recommended For virtual server host platforms.
  • A maximum of 10 instances per core Is recommended For most map service scenarios.

What it means

  • 3GB per core or 4GB per core when virtualised
  • At default instances 5 map services per core (ie 5-10 instances per core)
  • therefore...
  • 10 instances = 1 core and 3 or 4 GB memory
  • therefore...
  • 1 instance = 300mb or 400mb