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ArcGIS Server Memory Calculator (Advanced)

This calculator estimates the amount of memory required on a server to run the desired number of services.

Enter the required parameters - the number of services and average ArcSOC memory the most important.

Results are displayed in the green fields.

ServicesHow many services are you planning on running?
VirtualisedIs the host running on a virtual server platform?
Min InstancesMinimum instances for services (Esri default is 1).
Max InstancesMaximum instances for services (Esri default is 2).
Average ArcSOC.exe MemorymbAverage ArcSOC process memory usage.
Can vary from 100mb to 900mb - 200mb is a good average.
ArcGIS Service OverheadmbEstimated memory use by ArcGIS Server Service.
i.e. javaw X 2 + ArcGISServer.exe
OS OverheadmbEstimated memory use by operating system
Really Busy ArcSOC Percent%Generally not all ArcSOC processes will be busy. This figure is a percentage of ArcSOC processes that are busy enough to spawn all their instances (and hence consume more resources) - 100% means that all instances are running.
Recommended Corescores
Recommended MemoryGB


  1. Calculations assume there is no caching or long running geoprocessing processes on the server.
  2. Since licensing is per 4 cores, the recommended cores are rounded up to 4 cores.
  3. The number of calculated cores is based on Esri best practise, not actual throughput.
  4. Throughput is dependent on the complexity of the service and varies wildy.
  5. You should use CPT or System Designer for accurate throughput planning.
  6. Memory is rounded up to the nearest 4GB.